DDR16 methodology is based on a new approach Diplomacy.Live analytics team developed under the rubric of Diplomacy.Live’s Hierarchy of Digital Diplomacy..’ 

#DDR16 identifies 5 major digital diplomacy needs, depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid. They also represent the stages of progress from a beginner to advanced degree of digital diplomacy practice at corporate level: Presence, Customization, Up-to-dateness, Engagement, Diplomacy 4.0. Each level is characterized by designated variables/indicators among 166 criteria selected to measure performance of digital diplomacy assets.

In turn these 5 major levels of digital diplomacy performance is double-checked with additional qualitative signifiers such as creativity and authenticity, transparency, content-management, security, openness, influence, type of audience, professionalism, disruptive/innovative campaigns.

First, #DDR16 team collected digital assets used by MFAs from the beginning of 2015 to mid-March 2016. Then, all these digital assets were analyzed in depth in the light of data withdrawn from API-based resources. In the absence of API-based resources, data was compiled manually. The score of each MFA was measured on a 0 to100 scale and its equivalent of a letter from AAA ++ to E – – is also accordingly assigned.


Digital Diplomacy Atlas including links to the entire set of digital assets (websites, mobile apps and social accounts) coming soon. Stay tuned!